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In the near future, the F.B.I. devise a new form of espionage so controversial that fewer than ten people even know it exists. The leader of this classified espionage program meets her match -- and possibly her salvation -- when one of its subjects outwits them. Read what they say about 'Footage'.

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  • Novel (2020)

    Sci-fi espionage thriller
  • Status

    Completion: Dec 2019
  • Language/length

    US English/82,000 words
  • Keywords

    government conspiracy,
    cyber warfare,
  • Read it for

    Strong female characters,
    inventive tech,
    dystopian chills


A young man of privilege suddenly finds his life unraveling when he suffers a mysterious and horrifying ailment that seems to implicate him in murder. Supernatural crime thriller Redondo questions whether the mere idea of fate limits our choices.

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  • Novel (2022)

    Supernatural crime thriller
  • Status

    Research/dev until 2021
  • Language/length

    US English/~85,000 words
  • Keywords

    Body horror,
    organized crime,
  • Read it for

    modern-day California,
    unlikely hero

Sci-Fi Shorts

This Black Mirror style anthology will bring together the best of Lex Snowe's short science fiction writing, including privacy dystopia Scape and genetics horror Synchrony.

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  • Short-story anthology (~2025)

    Sci-fi thriller/horror
  • Status

    Ongoing writing
  • Keywords

    human weakness
  • Read it for

    Inventive pessimism
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What they say about 'Footage'

"A manuscript that shines with professionalism, this well developed premise is unique and accessible for all levels of sci-fi lovers and action lovers alike. It hits on current fears of identity theft, hacking, and government overreach into our private lives, as well as the rising threat of domestic terrorist attacks. The material would work as a series of films, and also presents the possibility for a gritty cable drama or even broadcast serial. There is also plenty of room for a franchise in the vein of the 'Bourne' series. The story is structured to provide excellent payoffs, and any questions that linger are answered in due time, giving you a reason to stay engaged. The characters are well developed, and we are immediately aware of their gifts, insecurities, and flaws. There’s a ton of potential here for action-thriller fans to take advantage of, and a female protagonist to boot."

— The Tracking Board