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Lexia Snowe is a British-born writer and filmmaker whose passion for travel and street photography sparked in her late teens, when graffiti was of particular fascination to the raggedy visual artist in development that she was.

After her graduation from Oxford University and London Film School, Lex's photo business All-Terrain Arts took her to London, Paris, Sardinia and Dublin, among other places in Europe, where she took scenic landscape shots, some of which were sold as canvas prints.

Since her mid-twenties, Lex has focussed on her primary career in writing and filmmaking, but has continued to use her photography to pre-visualize and market her writing and film projects.

Lex is currently working on photo documentary project Empire Of The Footloose, in which she profiles the myriad neighborhoods of Los Angeles in pictures taken entirely on foot. A photo book and interactive website for the project will publish in 2020-2022.

I like Italo Calvino's idea of "continuous cities", as described in the novel Invisible Cities. He suggests that there is actually just one big, continuous city that does not begin or end: "Only the name of the airport changes". What is then interesting is to find, in that continuity, the less-obvious differences of texture: the signs, the markings, the assemblages, the things hiding in plain sight in each cityscape or landscape. This is what outstanding photographers are able to do, and it is the target the rest of us chase.
— Teju Cole, The New York Times, Sep 23 2015 (Photo: Sardinia Fields by Lexia Snowe)


A selection of photography by Lexia Snowe.

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In order to focus on her writing and filmmaking projects, Lexia Snowe is not currently accepting photography commissions. She will be open for new photography projects in late 2018.

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